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     Lasik procedure is very good & The procedure is painless
Ashis ku Behera
     Very convenient and successful LASIK procedure. I was wearing 6.25 power glasses but after the surgery my vision is 100% corrected. There is no pain or discomfort at any stage during or after surgery. Very helpful and experienced Doctors and staff. Thank u Dr. Ashok Nanda for changing my life.
     Nice centre
Srimant Kumar Mishra
     From very first I want to give thank a lot to odisa Lasik centre , Dr Ashok Nanda and the staff. I am very much glad to say that I had my Lasik surgery in 2015 at odisha Lasik centre BBSR. Before that I had a poor distant vision and I got declared unfit in railway recruitment test in Visakhapatnam in eye medical category test. With the consultant of my friend I went through the Lasik surgery and I cleared medical test in re- medical check up. Now I got job in east coast railway. I would like to thank Dr Ashok Nanda the best person and the best doctor I ever meet in my life who made my career glorious and wonderful. I would recommend the procedure to any one who have a problem in distant vision. Again thank u a lot Dr Ashok Nanda sir.
Manas Kumar Rana
     I was using glasses since 2004. One fine day I decided to do LASIK but as I was staying in Bangaluru, I was searching for a good hospital in bhubaneswar. My parents did an R&D and found out the best place to do it. I went through the surgery and now confidently I can suggest any one to go for it without any fear. Found the best hospital in bhubaneswar.
Stuti Sahoo
     I have done for Lasik treatment of my daughter at Odisha Lasik Centre. She was having vision of -3.5 in both the eyes. Every time she was using glasses. Now she is fine. Her vision is normal. She performs all the work without glasses. I appreciate the services of Odisha Lasik Centre. Dr Ashok Kumar Nanda takes personal care for the patients. The staff of the centre are extremely good. The price is also affordable lower than other places. I feel it is a choicest place for Lasik treatment. I am thankful to the centre.
Dr Subas Chandra Sahoo
     I had my lasik surgery on October 2016 and gave seen immediate results. The procedure is painless and short. The whole thing lasted less than 20 minutes. I had high power glasses but now I free. Also I would like to thank Dr Ashok Nanda as he is one of the best doctors around. Very friendly and welcoming. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who wants to get rid of their glasses for good.
Anurag Pani
     I underwent LASIK surgery on 5th April 2014. Personally, i absolutely dislike wearing spectacles, but have had them for years now. I knew Lasik would be the best solution for me. I didnt know that we could avail it in Odisha as well! The procedure was virtually painless, and took a total of 10 minutes. I was operated on by Dr. AK Nanda, who was nothing but friendly and comforting the whole time. It is a misconception that Lasik gives unpredictable results. Technology is at its best now, and all you have to do is take care after surgery... I will recommend this to anybody looking for getting rid of glasses... Lasik has restored my confidence :) Thank you OLC!
Manisha Mishra
     I am very much glad to offer you my thanks to you and your hospital as because I was cured by your hospital and impressed on the hospitality extended by the staffs of your hospital(KAR VISION EYE HOSPITAL,BHUBANESWAR).Before this ,I was always depending on the glass and without glass,I can not see and read clearly because the eye powers of my both eyes going more on negative.After implantation of ICL+YAGPI on 14.02.2014 on my both the eyes as per your suggestion.Now I feel good and able to see/read clearly everything. I am very much thankful to you for your tremendous ability on achievment in implanting lens in my both the eyes.
Manoranjan Nayak
     Thank u for giving me a new life with renewed confidence. It is only possible for u & Lasik Surgery before Lasik Surgery i had been wearing spectacle since 2009 for myopic & astigmatism. I was not able to read & see anything without wearing spectacle. I was feeling unconfortable when i was wearing spectacle.I wanted to get rid of spectacle,but sir after Lasik now i can see & read without spectacle. In my opinion there is no side effect in Lasik Surgery. It is very useful for those who are suffering from myopic & astigmatism.
I want to give many many thanks to the science & the person who has invented Lasik Surgery

Manoranjan Barik
      I have been dependent on glasses or contacts to see as I suffered from vision problem for 15 years.
This has been the best decision I could have made. Yes, I was nervous. No, I didn't want anyone playing with my eyes.I was tired of wearing glasses day and night! I finally decided to get it as a present for myself. I felt anxiety the day before surgery but I was also very excited about seeing the world through new eyes!
Lasik corrected my vision and gave me the freedom to see without spectacles and it is a wonderful feeling.
See just about anything, no matter the distance. No more squinting, messing with contacts in bad weather conditions or worrying how often my vision would change. I go to bed reading a book and wake up seeing the alarm clock, plus I watch sports with clarity in between.

Maddy Pradhan
     I have a great experience of Lasik surgery. It is the most easiest way to avoid glasses without any pain.I was always disturbed for my high power glasses but after my lasikSurgery I am so happy my eye power come to zero And am not wearing power glasses now my eyes are perfectly alright and I am very thankful to Mr Ashok Nanda who has done my Lasik.he is such a wonderful doctor and also very skill hand doctor.sir thank u for giving my eyes a new world without power glasses Sir thank u very much for this.

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