Odisha Lasik Centre

About Us

Odisha Lasik Centre was started on 24th of September 2012 with the conglomerate efforts of twenty one ophthalmologists of repute from different parts of the state with the objective of giving high class treatment to people who are compelled to wear spectacles or contact lenses for improvement of eye sight. The centre was equipped with the latest sixth generation FDA approved Laser and sophisticated investigative equipments to maintain quality and high standards to give the best outcome.

Lasik is a game of technology, where the results depend on what technology the setup has. With the best of the equipments we have catered to many satisfied and successful patients till date. We have the best surgeons and optometrists who are extremely conscious of their responsibilities. Each and every client is given the best possible tender loving care and a lot of stress and emphasis is given to understand the patients needs.

If you are no more interested to wear glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision then LASIK is the treatment of choice. It is safe, effective and offers a permanent solution from glasses. The only pre requisite is you must have completed 18 years of age and your glass power should be relatively stable for past one year.